The Aleph One game engine brings Bungie™'s Marathon® trilogy to modern computers, and also powers dozens of community-made games. To play any of these games, download the Aleph One engine and place it in the scenario folder.

Marathon trilogy


Marathon is a fight for survival against the Pfhor, an alien race attacking your colony ship.


In Marathon 2: Durandal, you and other survivors hunt for an ancient ally to topple the Pfhor empire.


Marathon Infinity forces you to rewrite history to prevent the destruction of the universe.

Community-made Scenarios

Marathon: EVIL

Marathon: EVIL was the first conversion for Marathon Infinity, and is regarded as one of the scariest and finest.

Marathon: EVIL features a few new weapons and monsters.

Tempus Irae

In Tempus Irae the player travels back in time... to Renaissance Italy.

Tempus Irae for Aleph One features hi-res textures and stunning level architecture.

Marathon RED

Created to be a survival horror-esque conversion, Marathon RED is widely known as the single most difficult of all conversions.

Marathon RED features a new arsenal of weapons, new monsters and textures.


Spanning 52 levels, Eternal is one of the largest scenarios released.

Eternal features all new levels, textures, weapons, and music, as well as several new creatures.

Marathon: Rubicon X

Marathon: Rubicon X is considered by some the unofficial fourth chapter in the Marathon series.

Rubicon X features all new high-resolution artwork, new and updated maps, and enough surprises to feel like a whole new game.

Marathon: Phoenix

A 35-level single player major conversion, Marathon: Phoenix is difficult and action-packed.

Marathon: Phoenix features a full arsenal of new, powerful weapons, and more threatening enemies than you could ever want.

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